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Reasons Why To Choose MMB TOURS

MMB TOURS have been bridging the distance between people and their dreams through great tour packages and amazing services, all under one roof. MMB Tours offer a range of best-value products and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated customer support before and after the journey

We know you have a lot to plan about before your travel. You can now leave the worry to us while you pack. We will hand-pick the best value products & services for your comfort & convenience, both before & after your travel. So while you enjoy complete peace of mind with our dedicated customer support we will ensure a fruitful trip with pocket friendly schemes. 

Today, MMB TOURS has proven to be much more than just a tour operator, our constant efforts at innovations, customer-focused strategies and extensive reach has ensured MMB Tour’s prolific growth and consolidated its place in many happy customers’ hearts. We turn your travel dreams into reality.

Reasons Why You Should Take A Tour with MMB

Transport and accommodation is already organised: 

MMB TOURS offers 4 and 5 star accommodation; air-condition buses and various other modes of transport depending on the tour  the worry of how to get to from place to place and where to stay each night is all taken care of. it is very confident , easy and economical which means less planning for you and more time to concentrate on the destination you're at and the atmosphere around you.

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You get to see a lot within a time frame:

When travelling, time can be a factor especially if you have a deadline. MMB TOURS give you the opportunity to see a lot, within a time frame you will be visiting more than 30 sacred tombs and you will surely love to visit the city of KARBALA and also you will be paying your visit to the city of NAJAF in the tour of baghdad and in case of umrah you will visit each and every mosque and places situated in the CITY OF MAKKAH AND MADINA . 

Money matters
Taking a tour is good value for money. You could perhaps do it yourself for less but, you may not get the same quality of experience. Tours are ideal as they hand pick everything to make sure it’s the best value without breaking the bank.You’re able to take an epic trip that has amazinginclusions, experienced guides, a unique itinerary, premium accommodation and good transport.

Best Tour Guide
Tour guides are a massive part of anyone’s trip. They can either make or break a tour. But don’t worry we have trained guides for you all who knows each and every corner of the city and also excels in speaking in English, Hindi and the regional language of gulf countries which is Arabic.This is a massive bonus for you as you receive expert information and doors will be opened for you that are closed to the everyday tourist. 

They always say safety is in numbers and lucky for you if you take a tour, you’re all sorted! No matter which destination you’re in, someone will always have your back. Also, as the tour guides are local to the country, they know all the ins and outs of keeping you safe, where to go, not where to go and general recommendations of the area you’re visiting. It’s very handy indeed! So, stress less and roam freely.

Guaranteed Departures
When you choose to travel with MMB TOURS, first benefit you get is you don't need to worry about booking your flight because it will be included in the package , last thing you are worried about is for the trip to be cancelled at the last moment but don't worry with MMB TOURS you are guaranteed that your tour will depart on the day we said it would when you first made your booking. MMB TOURS guaranteed departures take the guesswork out to planning your trip and give you the peace of mind to book the tour that suits you.

Real experiences
We believe that it is not just about the destination, but about every factor of the trip that makes up the traveler's experiences, the accommodation you stay in, the foods you eat, the people you meet, and the sights you see. with the help of our local managers and tour leaders who are not only passionate about our destination,but natives, you will recieve expert information and have doors opened for you that are closed to the everyday tourist. this is what we mean by 'REAL EXPERIENCES'..

Indian cuisine
yeah!!! you read it correct....our packages include INDIAN CUISINES we will provide you breakfast, lunch, dinner and also evening snacks. you will get to enjoy your homeland food. you won't be having stress of food there you just have enjoy your tour with your family. MMB TOURS provides you with the best of it's services. 

So, you’re interested in taking a tour?

Please never hesitate contacting us for further info.



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