Saturday, September 22, 2018


  • Always carry your passport with you when you are out for ziyarat.
  • Carry U.S dollars
  • Don't Rome alone At least hire a local guide who knows each and every corner of the city and also excels in speaking in English, Hindi, and the regional languange of gulf countries which is Arabic.{if u travelling with a tour group u don't need to worry about these stuffs because the tour leader take care of these things} 

Things to keep in mind before visiting Baghdad are same as Madinah and Makkah 

Ziyarat list for Baghdad City:

1. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani 
2. Shaikh abdul jabbar jilani
3. Shaikh saleh jilani
4. Shaikh maroof karkhi
5. Well of shaikh maroof karkhi
6. Bibi zubaida zauja haroon rasheed 
7. Shaikh Mansur hallaj 
8. Shaikh sirri saqati
9. Shaikh junaid bhaghdadi
10. Nabi allah – yusua bin noon
11. Huzoor behlool dana
12. Shaikh Ibrahim khawwas
13. Sayyid Abdullah abi zainab
14. Sayyid abi ahamd
15. 34. Dajla river (Tigris river)
16. Imam e aazam abu hanifa 
17. Shaikh bishr hafi
18. Shaikh abubakar shibli
19. Khwaja abul hasan noori
20. Imam Muhammad ghazali
21. Sayyid abu khumra rifai al hindi
22. Imam musa kazim 
23. Imam Muhammad al jawwad
24. SK. Shahabuddin umar suharwardi 

In total there are 24 sacred tombs you need to visit during you stay in baghdad.
If you are planning to take up the ziyarat of other cities like:
  • Karbala.
  • Najaf.
  • Kufa.
  • Basrah.
  • Madyan.
  • Hilla.
  • Babil.
  • Musayyib.


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